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Laser Hair Removal

Achieve smooth,beautiful skin with VIKINI hair removal.Only VIKINI technology can offer superior results with the highest level of comfort & safety.Unwanted hair is a common problem in women and men.It can be a nuisance...or even a nightmare. Until recently,removing it was uncomfortable,inconvenient,expensive and time consuming.But that has all changed.Today,with VIKINI the remarkable advances in laser technology,unwanted hair is being removed safely and affordably,with a: High Powered Diode Laser Treatment System that is:

  • Safe
  • Ultra Fast
  • Pain Free
  • Effective
  • Powerful Cooling

1.Why use the Diode over other hair removal systems?
Compared to most lasers(ruby,alexandrite),Diode Laser has a longer wavelength for deeper skin penetration and safer for darker skin ? Works well with dark(black and brown) hair ? Very Fast treatment for larger body areas(Ex: full legs in 15 min) ? Has a long pulse width adjustable depending on skin type ? Exclusive pulsing mode for treating villous hair(thin).

2.How does the diode laser system remove hair?
Hair follicles contain a natural chromophore,known as melanin.(A chromophore is a molecule capable of absorbing light)When a chromophore absorbs laser light,it is transformed into heat,raising temperature and destroying the follicle.

3.Is it safe?Does it hurt?
The laser is pulsed for only a fraction of a second and the duration of each pulse is just enough to disable the hair follicles,as well,the cooling system was designed to protect the skin by cooling it before,during and after the laser light is transmitted and allows areas to be treated with less pain. The biggest advantage of diode laser hair removal is that there aren?t any side effects you will experience.

4.How many treatments will I need?
Hair grows in three distinct cycles.First,the active or growth cycle(Anagen)

VIKINI the Diode laser hair removal offers a permanent and safe solution by eliminating unwanted hair.
- High Power
- Collimated Lens
- Enhanced cooling system
- Various pulse mode
- Large Spot
- High Repetition Rate