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We offer a variety of services with the best technologies available.
Slimming & Muscle Firming

Sculpt and tone up your Body without pain and effort!

Here at last! A real alternative to liposuction for reducing fat and slimming your body. Liposuction result without surgery!
Believe it or not,it is possible to lose between 2 to 5 cm, from the first session no matter which area of your body you wish to treat.
Imagine your silhouette after 4 weeks!!
The efficacy of the new ultrasonic technology in synergy with VIP Line. Rapid perfect body shape and long lasting results.

With VIP LIPOLINE DUO you can achieve:
-Rapid localized slimming
-Full muscular firming
-Aesthetic mini-lifting
-Aesthetic lymphatic and venous drainage
-Cellulite treatment